…Patient 23, We’ve been expecting you.


Desoto asylum is an intense haunted house walkthrough experience as well as an interactive escape room experience. We strive to find new way to scare our guests and to make our haunt a believable and enjoyable experience for everyone. We are a family run haunted house that has been in operation since 2008. We completely change the layout and design every year. Work starts months before opening. We put lots of work and soul into Desoto Asylum and hope you come out and see what we have created.



On this site you can find the our back story, which we use as inspiration when creating the layout for Desoto Asylum, as well as the behavior of our monsters.

Check the FAQ page below for answers to some of the most common questions.


Haunts against hungerDesoto Asylum is part of Haunts Against Hunger. We collect nonperishable food items for Needles. Patients visiting Desoto Asylum are asked to please bring a nonperishable food item, but a food item is NOT required for entry. Please no dated items, people can’t eat dated food.


Back Story

Even small towns need medical services, so a hospital for the mentally insane wasn’t unusual. The asylum in Needles was typical—nurses administered medicine and restrained patients if they became agitated or dangerous. A doctor was in charge of treating patients and determining when—or if—they could ever return to society.

According to a registration log that was uncovered years after the catastrophe, there were 22 patients admitted at Desoto Asylum and a staff of 10. Under normal circumstances, nothing ever went wrong.

But, in the summer of 1966 residents of Needles began to go missing. Their mangled bodies found by authorities inside Desoto Asylum. Unable to figure out how the patients of Desoto Asylum where escaping the residence panicked and boarded up Desoto Asylum with all the patients and staff still inside, the strong brick structure acting as a prison.

In the weeks and months that followed, things began to change inside the Desoto Asylum. The doctors and nurses ignored the patients in their frantic attempt to save themselves.

Toby was one of the higher-functioning patients, who’d been committed to Desoto Asylum in 1966 after killing his family with a pitchfork and using their dead bodies for experiments involving electrical cords and blue cheese dressing. When Toby was no longer subdued by debilitating amounts of brain-numbing sedatives, he overheard the staff planning to escape and leave the patients to die.

Unrestricted by the bounds of human decency, Toby unleashed years of pent-up rage against the frightened staff and began committing revolting horrors on their live bodies. With the help of other patients, Toby turned the tables on the former nurses and doctors, drugged them, and subjected them to his own twisted and painful experiments.

Years passed before anyone escaped. Her name was Nurse Betty, and her story was found scribbled in the margins of a book. Most of the entries are smeared with blood. One of them reads:
October, 1968. He is coming for us one by one, and I can hear them screaming from the padded cells, can smell the burning flesh each time the lights flicker. I know it is the electric chair. He calls it “shock therapy” but he and the girls are punishing us. I beg Alice and Paulette to remember how well I treated them as patients, but now as Toby’s nurses, they are brainwashed to enjoy Toby’s dreadful experiments. I’m afraid to guess what he’s doing with the dead bodies this time.

Today, hardly anyone remembers the horrors of Desoto Asylum. During the day, it’s vacant, eerie, crumbling brick structure hardly seems worthy of notoriety. But at night, when the smell of burning flesh permeates the air in a putrid dark cloud, thrill seekers looking for innocent fun are in for the shock of a lifetime.



Back story adapted from Green River Asylum by Dana Martin danamartinwriting.com


Where Are You Located?

We are located at 1924 Desoto Street in Needles CA. Facebook provides a map if you need it.

What Days Are You Open? (2017 Season)

Saturday the 21st for a walk through haunted house.

Saturday the 28th for a walk through haunted house.

Sunday the 29th for an interactive escape room.

Monday the 30th for an interactive escape room.

Tuesday the 31st for walk through haunted house.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation? (2017 Season)

We will open around 6:00pm and run till the last patient has been seen. If you are going to show up after 9:30pm, you should message us on Facebook to make sure we are still open.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s Free! (If you paid you went to the wrong haunt)

Is It The Same As Last Years Haunted House?

NO, we change the layout and rooms every year to create a new experience.

What Is An Escape Room?

In our Escape Room Experience you and up to 2 other guests will be “locked” inside Desoto Asylum with our monsters. You will have approximately 16 minutes to figure out how to escape. The clues to your escape can be found by looking around your environment.

Can I Go Through More Than Once?

Yes, but you must wait in line again, but DO NOT tell other guests where the monsters are hiding.

Will I Be Touched While Inside Desoto Asylum?

No, the monsters have been told not to touch or chew on the guests.

Can I Touch The Monsters?

No, touching the monster or the props will get you removed from the haunt.

Can I Take Pictures/Videos While Inside Desoto Asylum?

NO Pictures/Videos while inside. We encourage all pictures/videos to be taken in front of the Desoto Asylum or while in the line, but don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Can I help or work in Desoto Asylum?

YES! Message our Facebook page for more information.